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Extra API

the bhdl/splicing language

The language bhdl/splicing is not BHDL syntax. It provides a simple "splicing syntax" for function application:

#lang reader bhdl/splicing
(list 1 2 (list 3 4) .. 5)
;; equivalent to
(list 1 2 3 4 5)
;; which evaluates to => '(1 2 3 4 5)

requiring pict library with prefix#

Since bhdl re-exposes *-append and *-superimpose functions to be generic to bhdl components and circuits, if you want to import pict, you need to prefix it, e.g.:

(require (prefix-in pict: pict))

Auto Placement#

We implemented an analytical global placer and a simulated annealing detailed placer. To use them, follow the above installation guide to setup the julia environment and run the server in the backend:

julia --project server.jl

You can then send the placement request to backend server via:

(define place-result
(Composite->place-spec whole
#:place-nsteps 50
#:place-nbins 300
#:sa-ncycles 10
#:sa-nsteps 3000
#:sa-stepsize 10
#:sa-theta-stepsize 0.3)))

You can visualize the placed Composite via:

(Composite->pict whole place-result)