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Racket Crash Course

This is a small guide to get you started on racket, so that you can comfortably programming in BHDL. You can always refer to the official racket guide and reference for full documents.

Previous Writing#

There are three ways to run the code.

First, you can run in command line. Run the top-level script:

racket fitboard.rkt

And run the test submodule:

raco test fitboard.rkt

Second, you can run in Dr. Racket. Open the file and click Run. The test submodule will be run.

Last, you can also run via Emacs. If you wonder how to do that, let me know.

When you run the code, you will see some visualizations on REPL, and freerouting window will pop up, the KiCAD file will be output to /tmp/bhdl/out.kicad_pcb.

The Dr. Racket REPL and Emacs REPL supports images. So you can view the image via e.g.

(Atom-pict (make-IC-atom Arduino-Uno))
;; assuming whole is defined as in the example scripts
(Composite-pict whole)